March 26: SOULA by Salah Issaad | #WomensHistoryMonth

5.00pm | Sunday, March 26, 2023. | Alliance Française Lagos, 9 Osborne Road, Ikoyi | Free Entry.

Don’t miss our March 26 screening of Salah Issaad‘s drama feature, SOULA (2021). The drama is inspired by the true life story of the film’s lead actress, Soula Bahri. The film follows a single mother desperate to survive amidst societal pressure and overwhelming violence. A fitting choice for Women’s History Month, this screening is organised in partnership from the Alliance Française Lagos.
Event details: 5.00pm | Alliance Française Lagos, 9 Osborne Road, Ikoyi | Free Entry.

Soula, a young single mother rejected by her family in the name of honor, trying to survive, finds herself caught up in a spiral of violence. Willing to do anything for her baby daughter, along the roads of Algeria and through unfortunate encounters in a stunning journey, she heads towards her inevitable destiny.

Genre: Drama
Running time: 92 mins
Language: Arabic with English subtitles
Country: Algeria/France
Director: Salah Issaad
Producers: Salah Issaad, Taqiyeddine Issaad, Abdelghafour Issaad
Editors: Salah Issaad, Nazzareno Neri
Costume: Carole Beauruel
Cast: Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, Franck Yvrai, Ali Bentayeb, Hamza Temaini, Djillali Boudjema, Amina Belabed, El Hadi Guechtouli, Rachid Belaguili, Abdenacer Arab, Zahra Harkat

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