January 17: FREEDOM FIELDS (by Naziha Arebi; Documentary, 2018)

5pm | Sunday, January 17, 2021 | Alliance Française Lagos, 9 Osborne Road, Ikoyi | Free Entry | Arabic & French with English subtitles. RSVP
FREEDOM FIELDS (January 17, 2021)

Screen Out Loud proudly kicks off our 2021 film programme with the Lagos premiere of Naziha Arebi’s FREEDOM FIELDS. Be sure to join us on Sunday, January 17th at 5:00 PM (doors open at 4.30pm), at Alliance Française de Lagos/Mike Adenuga Centre.
Remember, entry is free and physical distancing guidelines apply. The use of face mask is mandatory. Limited seats available. Save the date, and tell a friend. RSVP for reminders!
We look forward to welcoming you as we screen this compelling portrait of women footballers rising up against systemic oppression that denies them a fair chance at playing the game they love.

Filmed over five years, FREEDOM FIELDS follows three women and their football team in post-revolution Libya, as the country descends into civil war and the utopian hopes of the Arab Spring begin to fade. Through the eyes of these accidental activists, we see the reality of a country in transition, where the personal stories of love and aspirations collide with History. An intimate film about hope, struggle and sacrifice in a land where dreams seem a luxury. A love letter to sisterhood and the power of team.
Excerpt from Director’s Statement:
“FREEDOM FIELDS is a film about having the power to dream, to have a choice to carve your own future, against privilege, and to impact those around you, even if just for 90 minutes on a field. It is an intimate, tactile portrait of a moment in time in a country people know very little about. A love letter to a place, to sisterhood, to the power of the team and community. A testament to taking action, finding strength in the face of adversity, and sharing that will, power and joy with others and the next generation.”

Genre: Documentary, Sport
Language: Arabic & English with English subtitles
Running time: 97 minutes
Director: Naziha Arebi
SDI Productions Ltd / HuNa Productions
Libya / UK / Netherlands / USA / Qatar / Lebanon / Canada
Shooting Locations: Libya / Lebanon