October 10: CAMÉRA D’AFRIQUE/20 Years of African Cinema (Férid Boughedir; 1983)

5pm | Sunday, October 10, 2021. | Alliance Française Lagos, 9 Osborne Road, Ikoyi | RSVP #SaveTheDate

In this exploratory 80s documentary, Férid Boughedir tracks the early years of African cinema with film extracts and interviews with the continent’s leading cinema voices including Med Hondo and Ousmane Sembène.
Join us as we screen the restored version of CAMERA D’AFRIQUE/Twenty Years of African Cinema on Sunday, October 10 at Alliance Française de Lagos / Mike Adenuga Centre. Entry is free!
Remember to RSVP and arrive on time to secure your seat.
No face mask, no entry. Social distancing guidelines will also be in place.
No parking on site (commercial parking available around the corner from the venue).
This screening is organised in collaboration with the Alliance Française Lagos and the Institut français du Nigeria.

Some 70 years after cinema was invented, and after more than half a century of colonial cinema, Africans in newly independent countries were finally able to operate the camera themselves. No more would Africa simply just be used as an exotic backdrop nor its inhabitants depicted mostly as less than human and portrayed in ways that undermined their dignity. Filming in the face of insurmountable obstacles – lacking both equipment and infrastructure; taking whatever support they could get from within Africa or elsewhere, these filmmakers strove to convey the many and varied realities of Africa as seen by the Africans who had so long been barred from self-expression. Shot over a decade, Caméra d’Afrique relates the first 20 years of the new cohort of creative filmmakers that emerged in sub-Saharan Africa, documenting an unprecedented hunger for expression that remains unsated to this day.