April 11: OUR LADY OF THE NILE (dir. Atiq Rahimi; 2020)

Our Lady of the Nile is a prestigious Catholic boarding school perched high on a hill, where teenage girls are groomed to be the Rwandan elite. Graduation on the horizon, they share the same dormitory, the same dreams and concerns. But throughout the country as well as within the school, deep-seated antagonisms rumble. Changing these young girls’ lives – and the entire nation – forever.

March 21: AFROFUTURISTIK (Quartiers Lointains 6) | Nigerian Premiere

The 6th season of Quartiers Lointains seeks to question this perception that Africa has of itself in a compendium of diverse, vibrant short films made by filmmakers to look out for. Indeed, ‘‘African cinema’’ has long become ‘‘African cinemas’’, rich in their plurality, even if still too marginalized.

January 17: FREEDOM FIELDS (by Naziha Arebi; Documentary, 2018)

Screen Out Loud proudly kicks off our 2021 film programme with Nazehi Arebi’s FREEDOM FIELDS. We look forward to welcoming you as we screen this compelling portrait of women footballers rising up against systemic oppression that denies them a fair chance at playing the game they love.